How our server runs

Individual Player Economy

This is a survival career based server where every player manages their own economy (player based wallets). This means you pay for your own vehicle and fuel.

Location Based rewards

Each player involved will be rewarded for finishing a mission or a transport run, Make sure to team up! If you need some help getting started have a look at the guides here.

Salvage of Player Ships

If a player is unable to return their ship then their vehicle will be marked as abandoned and be available to other players to fix or drag back for a profit! More details on this can be found here.

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  • Do not Drop FPS of server

    Vehicles which drop FPS will be de-spawned. Players who actively try to reduce server performance will be banned.

  • Salvage and Fuel Theft on Abandoned Vehicles Only

    Vehicle owner must be offline prior to returning other players vehicles to workbench.

  • Do not Double Spawn

    Wait for workbench spawn area to be clear. No excessive editing or building of vehicles on the server.

  • No Power Glitches

    No Infinite Gens or Wheel glitch for vehicles.

  • Do not ...

    No Mic-spam, Megaphone-Spam or Flare Bombs.

  • Respect each other

    This also means no toxicity towards anyone. Respect also means respecting each others vehicles.

  • Staff have final say

    Listen to them, they mean well and hold tremendous power.


Quick Guides to help you get started

Getting Started

Table of Contents Getting Authorization Go to your steam profile, and copy your profile’s url  Go to Steam ID Finder and paste your steam profile url into the steam id finder....

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Buy, Sell Fuel

Table of Contents Buying Fuel/Oil Head over to the fuel/oil tank of your choice (Oil, Diesel or Jet)     Enter the amount of fuel you would like to purchase (in...

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Cargo/Container Trading

Table of Contents Container Trading At various points across the map you will see this icon with a name, these are Cargo Terminals and are the destination for all the...

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Creation Spawn Limits

Creation Spawn Limits Currently there can only be a maximum of 3 creations spawned at one time per player.    ie: if you’re doing a train run, you can only...

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Vehicle Rescue & Salvage

Table of Contents Vehicle Recovery – Owner Online There are many situations where a vehicle may require a recovery, such as vehicle abandoned, vehicle has crashed, out of fuel and...

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Unlike normal career where everyone shares a common treasury, on our server each player has their own economy, which they have to manage.

Each player starts with $20,000 in game currency, keep in mind you will have to buy your first ship and fuel with it. Otherwise you can join other players for your first few missions.

There are several ways to make money:

– Rescue Missions

– Transport Missions

– Fuel Trading

– Vehicle Salvage

– Player Transport

Yes, and it is encouraged. All players involved with completing a mission will get the rewards, so the more teams the better

If you crash or lose your vehicle on the server, it is up to you to recover it. You may also ask assistance from others on the server. 


If you log out and abandon a vehicle it will then be marked on map for other players to rescue.
Keep in mind they will get the refund for the vehicle and the profit from any fuel still in tanks!

Take a screenshot and report it to a server admin. Appropriate action will be taken.

It sounds like you had some hardships, but bad things can happen in the land of stormworks. At this point the easiest way is to tag up with somebody and assist them in doing cargo delivery or missions! You’ll both get the full reward for completing the delivery or mission!

Long story short, you will lose about 100-150 litres just from the fuel tanks so you should always order above that.


While most players forget or don’t pay attention too, is the fact that, the pipes, pumps, hoses all take a bit of liquid. This is unfortunately the same with inside the pumping system. 

Chances are you did something stupid and against the rules. End of story.

It happens sometimes… Just take a screenshot and show it to one of the server admins and we’ll give you the cash for it.

Short answer, No.

It is your spawn and your responsibility to make sure your vehicle can be easily recovered if no body is on board. (ie. dead man switch.)

The easiest way to achieve this is to have a player sensor (Set to detect players only) —> to a NOT gate —> throttle down. This way when there are no players in the sensor’s range, it’ll push the throttle down and turn off the vehicles. There are always better and nicer ways to do this with your vehicles, using more logic in a microcontroller. IE. land a heli instead of letting it crashed into the ground/water.

The only way to despawn your creation is via a workbench or using the ?refund command. (Only works within 3 min of the spawning the vehicle.)